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The word Podstantsiya means “substation” in Russian. But this project has nothing to do with power stations, ambulance, submarine engines or fire departments, although it doesn’t exclude some kind of connection to the above. In fact, as well as to everything else…

We would better translate Podstantsiya as Podstation since it is actually a station for podcasts – but oops! There are already podstations on the web. And we feel we are quite a bit different.

Podstantsiya is a radio and Internet resource for radio journalists – professionals and soon-to-be-professionals – who feel that the limits of their broadcasting format are too narrow for them and for their listeners. It is for those who look for something that doesn’t exist at commercial and talk stations. For those who want to tell stories, who like to play with meanings and angles. For those who go after sounds, who want to share them with others and who are not afraid of looking odd, ridiculous, convincing or eclectic. In other words, Podstantsiya is a space for experiment, debate and alternative music.

Here are our goals:

1. To find new ideas, new stories new forms and new voices for the radio;
2. To form a community of people who want to achieve the Goal #1 by doing real work and discussing it with others;
3. To share professional experience

All the materials posted at Podstantsiya will be administered by the web-site Editor according to the goals of the site. We kindly ask not to publish podcasts with advertising and propagandistic content. Such posts will be removed from the web-site.

Podstantsiya editorial team – is a team of journalists at the Foundation for Independent Radio Broadcasting.

There’s a variety of ways you can take part in the life of Podstantsiya:

1. Listen and download programs, podcasts, audio;
2. Receive RSS-updates;
3. Make and post your own podcasts. We advise you not to publish several podcasts at one time because it's difficult  for listeners to download, listen and comment all the materials at once. Could you please publish your podcasts one at a time;
4. Comment on other people’s materials and discuss them;
5. Take part in the work of the Podstantsiya editorial team, discussing topics for the coming issues of the magazine;
6. Offer your knowledge and skills as Assistance to Podstantsiya.
7. Vote and evaluate the programmes you've listened to...only no voting for yourself!
8. Bookmark your favourite podcasts;
9. Insert the player with your favourite podcasts in blogs and other web-pages. To do this go to the podcast page and click on the link "код для вставки плеера" (insert player code). The podcast player HTML will open. Copy and paste it in your blog or any other web-page.

Options 3-8 will be available to you immediately after you have got registered.

If you want to post your works in Docs, Sound Around, Podscriptum, Masterclass, Collection or RadioLanguage please get in touch with the web-site Editor.

Feel free to post your audio files, photos, texts in the Podcast section yourself.

Only МP3 files are suitable for posting at Podstantsiya with the bitrate of 128 Mbit/s for stereo and 64 Mbit/s for mono.

We accept photos and pictures only in JPEG format. The size of each file must not exceed 100 KB while the size of each picture is limited to 400х400 pixels.

You can copyright-protect your podcasts when posting them on Podstantsiya. In this case visitors will be able to only to listen to your podcast but not to download it.

It is very easy to post your materials on Podstantsiya. Just read and follow the instructions.

Since one of our goals is to share professional experience, we recommend that in the podcast descriptions you specify how you recorded your material, i.e. what equipment you were using, the technique of recording and editing, etc.

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