Upload your podcast

To begin with, enter "Моя лента" (My profile) and choose the option "Добавить запись" (Add your audio file). Before uploading your file please enter some background information in the template.

Our virtual word processor works very much like MS Word programme, so you will not need any special web-related skills. Here’s how it works:

1. First of all, put the name of your posted message in the top line of the template.

2. After that, enter your text. If you want to split the text into two parts and publish the first part as a short announcement, you will have to put a horizontal separator line pressing this button.

3. To insert a hyperlink to any Internet page you need to mark in the text its name or the words that would have the link, click on the hyperlink button and to paste the URL into the address line of the browser.

4. To delete a hyperlink to an Internet page you must mark it in the text and click the unlink button.

5. After that, you have to choose a category and to write tags, i.e. key words which would mark your podcast in the most appropriate way.

6. You must select the way your copyright for the podcast will be protected. If you opt for “Copyright Protected”, you have to read the description of the regulations on the “Copyright” page. If you select “Free Distribution” you must realize that the web-site visitors will be able not only to listen to your podcast but also to download it and re-use it in various ways (e.g. include excerpts of your podcast in their own, remix it, etc.) Please note that nevertheless, the work must be attributed in the manner specified by you as the author.

7. To attach files, select them from your computer by clicking the “Browse” («Обзор») button. Please note, that you can use this way to post audio as well as image and video files.

8. If your podcast contains strong or potentially offensive language, or its contents may shock listeners, you have to warn them by ticking the “Shocking Content” ("Шокирующее содержание") option.

10. If everything’s fine and all the files are attached you just need to click on “Publish” («Опубликовать»). Congratulations, you’re done!